Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well look at the time..

Well lets do a little recap as its been almost a year since I have posted..

I no longer work at the day care. My son got a "this isnt working out" speech because of his countless hours of gracing us with his (loud) presence while in the midst of screaming uncontrollably. I mean I know im a babe magnet but it was getting ridiculous.

After having had the great joy of living with my family for the first year of marriage we got together enough money to move out. It was tons of fun having to go up 5 stories opening several doors and having my adorable son running around like a lunatic getting used to the place. With just my husband and I doing the moving.

We got a cat who has a weird fetish with feet. However she seems to always stop biting my husbands toes after the first lick. I pretend not to know why but generously encourage him to take a shower.

Ive been to court more times than I care to ever go. Ive been taught by talking cucumbers and tomatoes and have learned the most through a 3 foot tall boy who laughs when he farts.

Ive been a wife, a mom, a labor coach, a maid of honor, a designated caregiver incase of death, and a role model (not sure how good that last ones working).

I've also been stern, broken hearted, disappointed, and a failure.

But through it all I found out that I am me.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

There's no help for us...

So my husband and I are taking part of a marriage counseling course at our church. It is a group course with several couples involved. You go in and they have a romantic dinner set up for you and your spouse. The table is decorated with candlelight and rose petals. Of course my husband burps during the middle of the meal which sends the rose petals flying. lol. I look at situations like that and think.. boy there is no helping us. lol

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Battle Scars

Now we moms are kind of a different breed. We do the impossible on a daily basis. We manage to catch toddlers as they are falling out of their highchair. We can make dinner while dealing with tantrums. And we sprain our wrists over doing so much laundry. Yes this is my life. I sprained my wrist today folding about 10 loads of laundry. I tried to think of a more heroic story but I knew no one would believe me so it was short-lived. My son has been learning the strangest things. He now dips his cereal in milk. How he learned this, I have no idea. My husband claims to have nothing to do with it, but I have a hard time believing him.

We have pretty much broken in all the christmas toys. It amazes me some of these toys that they come up with and how some of them are just so creepy. He got a elmo doll that eyes light up when it talks. As soon as my husband and I saw this we broke out the perminant marker but unfortunatly it didnt work as well as we'd hope, actually it didnt work at all.

However, I am proud to announce that my son is showing signs of OCD. Just like his mommy. He is so funny and wants things to be perfect and go back in their right spot. Its so funny to watch him put his cup in the cup holder and make it perfect.

The other day my husband was trying to discipline him and I dont know how parents do it sometimes. He tried so hard but its just so difficult to "yell" at a toddler. He just looks up at us with the most innocent face we have to turn around to try and not laugh.

I am weening him off his binkie. He has done really well with it. It stays in the crib and never comes out. So he has it during naps and bed and when it is time to wake up he gives his teddy a hug and throws him in the crib and then puts his binkie in the crib and waves goodbye to them.

Anyway, it has been a month since I have updated so this post is a bit long and scrambled, but here it is.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the entertainer

Now my son is very cautious. If there is something he isnt quite sure of he steps back and just waits till he understands it or feels that it is safe. Well recently he has gotten into this habit of throwing things down the stairs and then laughing hysterically. He would go room to room and grab whatever he could carry (he would even hold things in his mouth to get a bigger stash) and then launch it down the stairs. Running up and down the stairs carrying a load of balls and shoes and clothes and toys got old pretty fast. So if he wanted to continue being a comedian he was on his own. Now my husband and I are working on "flipping" a house a bit of a ways away. Each time we go we have to pack EVERYTHING. We had gone about everyday after my husband was off work. This place had stairs and lots of them. So I decided it was time to sit him down and show him how to climb down the stairs. After one lesson he took off. He would be at the top of the steps, throw his binkie down, laugh hysterically, climb down the steps, put the binkie back into his mouth so he could climb to the top and do it all over again. Seriously, an hour of my day was spent watching him laugh hysterically at himself. If he gets anymore like me and my husband the poor kid will have no friends.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How mom's get high

I don't even know why I bother..

Being a mom means tending to your child's every need, their every desire. You go from being an individual free spirited person, to a maid. So this leaves you with little to no time for showers let alone pampering yourself. I tried to do it today and here is how it went:

Painting My Toe Nails

Well I put the baby down for his nap and got organized for a time to give my toe nails the french tip that they were so used to before I became a mom. So I go downstairs to grab the nail polish remover to get rid of the old cracking nasty stuff that also has a bit of finishing stains to match after refinishing a door. Then I realized that I hadnt eaten a single thing all day. I fixed a small meal and then gave my husband some gas money. So now I had time to myself. I start doing my finger nails and halfway through I realized that they will get ruined in no time and start chipping and sure enough my son will eat the decaying nail bits. So I was on my way to get a cloth to wipe off the nail polish and then i realized I had TONS of laundry to get done. I put a load in and then find a cloth and start to take the nail polish off of my fingers and then my toes. I find that my toe nails dont get ruined as fast because I dont have to open toys with them or get crusted food off the table or attempt to get oatmeal glue off my sons face. So I started to do my toe nails. While the first coat was drying I ran downstairs because the other washer was empty too so I could have 2 loads going at once! Now that is a mothers dream. But sure enough when I got upstairs I noticed that the paint smudged from running up and down the stairs with a basket of laundry. So I used the nail polish remover again, vowing to be more careful. I get them done and then I realize that I found my phone cord that i havent had a second to even look for. So I finally find this cord so that my phone can charge because it has been dead for a good week. Then I cant find my diaper bag that has my phone in it. Sure enough it is with my husband in the car at his work. Once I got off the house phone from calling my husband to check to see if my cell was with him I looked down and of course my toe nails were ruined yet again. So I took out the nail polish remover for the 3rd time and I am now just leaving them bare because I am getting dizzy from the nail polish remover and my son is waking up from his nap...

Friday, November 30, 2007

Man, I feel like a Woman

The first time I felt like I was a grown woman would have to be the first time I managed to put a bra on while driving and being modest. My husband always seems amazed at how girls can get completely changed in front of you and yet you never can manage to sneak a peak. But to girls its common practice.

The first time I felt like a mother was when I learned to drive with two hands on the wheel and both feet on the ground.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So suite

A friend of ours gave us an AMAZING Weekend getaway this past sat-sunday. A whole 24 hours of NOTHING to do. She made it perfect. Candle light, Roses, Chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes. She also printed out a piece from our vows. It was the most perfect night ever! Id have to say it was better than our honeymoon. We just sat around in the hot tub. We liked it so much that we tried to go out and have a romantic dinner but once we go there we missed our hotel room and wanted to go back. I really needed that break because lets face it I am losing my mind. I think it is somewhere among a few sets of keys, my cell phone, my wallet, my diaper bag, the remote and a LOT of other things that I seem to constantly misplace now. So now I feel so much better and realize that in order to keep this new sanity I am going to have to make sure I give myself breaks now and then. Speaking of breaks here is a story about a break recently:

Title: Wendy, Angela and Tim

The other night my mom volunteered to watch my son if I would run to the store for her and pick up a few things. Now if youre a parent you know as soon as you hear someone even begining the sentence "I'll watch ___" you run out the door before they change their minds. And that is just what we did. We are on our way and we see a sign for Wendy's that says "Donate $1 for adoption". Well, Im all for adoption. I had a kid, I know it doesnt feel to good to push them out, id adopt too (that is just a joke, I do really like adoption and I think its amazing idea and my husband and I even talked about adopting)! So I happen to have a dollar so my husband and I go through the drive through and the conversation happened a little like this:

the machine- Hi can I take your order
us- yea, wed like to donate to adoption
the machine- well you cant do that the fundraiser ended
us- so we cant still donate towards adoption?
the machine- no
us- so we have a dollar and want to donate it and you wont take it
the machine- no. thank you have a nice day.

So apparently the deadline for adoption donation passed and we can no longer care about children with no families thanks to wendy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Safety gates keep me fit

I dont really have a story for this title but its true. But here is the subtitle for the story that I will share:

Boy, are we Friendly

Well the other day I decided I wanted to go out and have a nice family dinner where we dont have to shovel dropped food off the floor but they have people they pay to do it. So we thought Friendly's would be a good choice. Its nice, its cheap, and they dont kick you out if you have annoying kids. Or well in my case annoying husbands. Now its not that he is annoying or anything. He just has the tendancies to not always think things through. So, we sat down at our table and the host hands my son a box of crayons and a coloring book. He obviously cant do much with crayons yet besides bang them on the table like drumsticks throughout our entire dinner. Well my son started to get a bit antsy so my husband decided to show him a trick. He took the crayon case and blew through it releasing the most dreadful noise you will ever hear. Yes people were staring at us because the sound of dying geese was being projected from our table. Now to see this new invention and to know that you too can make this abnoxious noise is truly a little boys dream.Or at least it was to the boys that were sitting at the table across from us. So yes my husband got these people making the most annoying noise you well ever hear at the highest pitch ever throughout the whole restaurant. and yea we got dirty looks.

Monday, October 29, 2007

You dont have to be perfect to be a parent

Well about once a week we try and take the family out to the playhouse to you know get out of the house and play with some different toys. I personally love going. I mean you go there play with all of their toys and then you dont have to clean up after yourself! Its great, especially seeing as my son loves to take things that are clean and put away and throw them on the floor. Anyway, so we sat down at the craft table and my husband and I started to color masks while the baby played with playdough (he loves that stuff!). So we are sitting and coloring and having a good time. We finish and its not till later that we notice that BOTH of us colored the masks upside down! We thought it was just cool shapes but once you flip it over you can see that the one I colored was supposed to be a ghost and the one my husband colored was supposed to be a bat! We had NO IDEA! lol.

Title: Always keep your diaper bag packed:

I take my son with me to work most of the time. Well last night we went and recently because I have been so stressed out I have been losing my mind and forget everything and going crazy. So I got all of our stuff ready and in a pile. I get the baby in the car and continue on with work. I feed him dinner and am getting my diaper bag so I can change him into his pjs. It was then that I noticed I forgot them at home in the pile that I made to take with us that was left on the couch. I think to myself "oh well he is just a little messy, we can last another hour without needing to change his outfit". OH was I WRONG! Meegan was sitting at the table eating her dinner when all of a sudden I see my son standing right next to her. I think in that split second "aww look at him being nice to the little girl". It took that split second for my son to grab her cup of milk and pour it ALL OVER HIMSELF! He just looked at the mess and kept pouring and smiling. We left a couple minutes later and brought my soggy boy home to put on his PJs that were left on the couch..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Running a marathon...with a van

So here is a story about our hike through the woods. Each day I try to make sure that my son gets a chance to get outside and do a fun activity. Whether its to go look at the baseball field or go play on the swings at the park I try to keep him active. Well the other day we decided to take a hike through the woods. Now the place where we go is around a castle so sometimes they have big events inside the castle. Normally if the castle is closed there will be a sign. We get there and there are TONS of people. But also it was about 80 degrees out in the middle of October which is so not the normal weather. We start driving up to the castle to park till we saw 4 schools of kids running towards us.. yep. we were driving into a highschool cross country meet going the opposite direction in our giant mini van. So needless to say we definatly got some evil glances. We stayed as long as possible to wait till it was over before making our way back down. We skipped rocks, we played with leaves, we sat on top of a clear path and crawled (well my son did, my husband and I were tired from the hike). So it was time to leave to get home for his nap and we hadnt seen people for a good 20 minutes. But of course as soon as we pull out they come around the courner, racing down the hill. We didnt want to be rude and pass them so we just drove behind them going about 5mph. I ducked in my seat most of the time because I was so completely embarrassed. But my husband didnt care because "there was no sign!". We eventually got out of there and were so relieved to be on our way home. But, thats our story of how we ran a marathon with our van. Sometimes I think these things only happen to my family.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

its been a while..

If anyone has to deal with custody issues or visitation issues and hard to deal with parents, please talk to me, cause man have I been through that and am still going through it. I knew not staying with my sons father would make things a lot harder but continuing with marrying him would not have lead to a happy ending. As a mom we really do just want what is best for our children and we all sacrifice what we want to make them happy. I do it on a daily basis and i know that all the other mothers out there do it as well. I think being a parent is God showing us with a new revelation just why He does things the way that He does. Everything that He does for us He does because He loves us. When we dont give our children candy all day everyday because we know its not good for them it is also why God doesnt give us what we want all day everyday. He wants us to be happy which is what we all desperatly want for our children. But we know that giving them what they want is not always what they need. God promises us that He will give us everything that we need and he even challenges us to test him in that. God loves us so much that He sent himself as a man (jesus) to be yelled at and tormented and beaten till death. And you know what, I love my son so much that I deal with the dislike of his father so that my son can have one more person to love him. However, there also comes a point where it is possible that what you had tried to accomplished hoping it was best for your children turns out to be potentially harming them more than helping them. What I am trying to say is that putting your feelings aside so that your child wont miss an oppertunity is what is best. But you have to sometimes take them away from situations that will potentially hurt them in the long run. Sorry if this doesnt make sense.

Monday, October 15, 2007

"Im teaching him how to share, so i took away his purse"

People often times say "you live with what you got" and we try hard to make what we got work to our advantage. Mostly everything we have has been given to us or from FREE piles. I think about 90% of our stuff we didnt buy. Now we arent so poor that we can make sure that our son has everything he would need and even more but in some areas we have to kind of compromise. A neighbor of ours recently moved and she left behind 4 giant boxes of toys and such that everyone could look through. Sure enough we ended up with 3 of the boxes. This would be great.. if we had a GIRL. So my son loves his princess plate and his strawberry shortcake bowl and playing with his purses. For his birthday next month my present for him is making a placemat that has pictures of every big event from his 1st year and on the back all the memorable stories and dates and along with it I got him an elmo plate set with bowls and plates and silverware. So now he doesnt have to use snow white to eat his vegies. His daddy is getting him a present too but its a secret...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do you know what youre eating?!!!

Well this past weekend we had to go to NJ for a funeral. The van was packed to its limit with people and all of their stuff and we headed out on our journey down south. Now riding with 7 people, 2 of which are little kids, it seems to add an additional hour or two to your driving time. I assumed that it would be the kids who needed the break. Oh how I overlooked the menapausel aunts I brought with me too. "I have to go to the bathroom!" was shouted across the van. Was it the 5 year old? Nope? It was the 50 year old! So the ride there was quite the excitement. They all claimed I was going the wrong way out of NY. So I listened and turned around. However we turned around on a different highway that didnt lead us to an on ramp to the highway that we wanted and it was just chaos. Sure enough by the time we turn around and get back to where we "messed up" it took about 30 minutes. So we get to the junction where I supposidly made the wrong turn to find out that of course I was going the right way all along.

Once we got there it was basic funeral stuff and introducing my son. He made a great first impression by laughing and blowing rasberries during the service. All I could say was "yep.. thats my boy."

On the way home we saw a sign for this International Buffet. Sounds great huh? So I am begged to turn off the road and find this place. Do they remember the name? NO. Do we have any idea where it is? NO. Eventually we found it and went inside. After looking around the restaurant we find out that we are pretty much the only white people there. Oh well, it was only 10 bucks each and we were hungry.

We find a table and get us all seated. We ask for a high chair and when they brought it the seat belt was broken. Now for normal poliet children this would be fine. But for my son who always wants to stand and flip over things its not all that fun. He also has this habbit of making himself comfortable. He will slouch there with his legs spread and his feet propped up eating. Where he got this from, I have no idea. Actually I do, MY HUSBAND.

Anyway, we get our food and return to the table to find the 5 year old shout out "TIM! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE EATING???" Everyone bursts out laughing cause you just dont say that kind of stuff in a mostly chinese environment. You know all the rumors of serving cat and dog. So between her shouting out all these cultural inappropriate stuff without being aware of the offence that could take place and my husband who was playing with a squid it was quite the journey.

Eventually we got home and returned to our "normal" life.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Smart? Or is everyone else just Stupid?

You know those people that just drive you crazy. The ones who chew with their mouth open while you watch their whole meal falling onto their lap. Or the ones who complain and yell without making a point to look over all of the facts before hand or they just didnt listen. Or the ones who tell you how to take care of your kids because you obviously dont know anything.

Now I know I am OCD and I have a lot of problems and pet peeves (more than I want to list). But sometimes I think its not just me and that a lot of people are just plain annoying.

I haven't felt like writing because I have been dealing with stupid people or moreso stupid situations.

I promise sometime this week I will update a silly story because I sure do have lots.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Chinese Ice and Animaldynamics

Now working with kids all the time I hear a lot of well... interesting things.. See for yourself

Situation 1: 5 year old Eve was fighting because she got an ice cream sandwhich whereas everyone else got Italian Ice. She bursts into tears screaming "I WANT CHINESE ICE". Now I am normally very compassionate with children but I couldn't even force myself not to laugh hysterically at that. I think she still needs to learn a bit more about nationalities.

Situation 2: 6 year old Sam was teaching us about "animaldynamics". He explained to us how motorcycles can go faster than some cars because they are more animaldynamic. I guess that explains why elephants cant run too fast.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting down and dirty??

Well my son is getting bigger and bigger everyday. And with this growth comes all his new knowledge of the world around him and how things work. So it wouldn't come as a surprise that he has learned a few new tricks. FOR EXAMPLE! The other day I was getting him ready for a very stinky diaper change. I took off his pants and laid him down on the floor while I was getting together my bomb squad supplies to take care of the explosion. Now i'm not sure if I am just crazy but I swear to you that he has the most mischievous smile that just shows that he is getting into something that he isn't supposed to be. I am keeping about one eye on him while he is taking the sides of his diaper and un-sticking them and then sticking em back on. He does this for a little bit till I leave the room to get wipes. Sure enough from the time I go into the next room and back he took his diaper off and was exploring the explosion in his diaper. Its situations like these that leads the first-aid kits to supply latex gloves, that way you can manage to plop em in the tub without being covered in "mud pie".

Monday, September 24, 2007

It all started with the duckies...

Well it has been about a week since my last update and thats because I have been loosing my mind.

After being a mom you often times wonder what it would be like without your little ones around. Tuesday night my boy slept over his fathers house. Now one might think that the chaos would subside and time would settle to hours feeling like hours rather than flying by as minutes. Wednesday morning was like a fantasy, sleeping in till 730 without having to wake for a crying infant. Then it happened... I woke up late 7:45 (needing to be at work at 8). Hopped in the shower. As I was taking one of the rare peekaboo-less showers it started. I fell into the shower, tripped over the flock of rubbie duckies that have migrated into our tub. Ran soap over my body and jumped out. I rushed to get clothes on cause it was nearing 7:50 and it took about 15 minutes to get to work (again, needing to be at work at 8). I could have made it on time if it werent for the phone call I received... I needed to pick up my son straight from work so that his father could go to his work. The phone call I had just received informned me that my carseat was in my moms car that was about 30 minutes away in the opposite direction.. GREAT! I jumped in the car to hear "DING" informing me that the gas light was on. EVEN BETTER!

I finally arrive at work and of course I was several minutes late. I figured that the morning could not possibly get any worse till I discover that my brother is late for his flight into NH due to a noreaster??! that they are having in florida. So I was phone tagging with my mom, my brother, my husband and delta to figure out if he could make it up north that day. Of course he missed his flight. Then came the excitement of finding a new flight.

NEXT DAY- wednesday

My brother has a flight! His flight from FL to ATL was delayed. AWESOME! He missed his flight from ATL to NH. HURRAY! and the best thing ever is that he left his cell phone in FL so there was no way to get in touch with him except through payphones. So he said he MIGHT get put on a flight to Boston so if we didnt get a call from him then he would be on that flight but if we did hear from him than he was flying into NH. Of course because it was rush hour we would have to leave right then and couldnt wait to see if there was a call from him... So we drove the hour to Boston PRAYING that he was going into Boston. It worked out that he did arrive there but of course all of his stuff was flown into NH.

The next few days was just busy


I had to stay late at work which ment I had to bring my son home and put him to bed and then go back in after he was asleep. My son has been sick leading us to many sleepless night so after I put him down I went to the store to pick up some cough medicine. Well because I am losing my mind I forgot my lisence but figured it was ok because the store was just down the street and it would only take a couple of minutes. I only had a 5 dollar bill and assumed that would be enough for some cough/congestion stuff. Well I go into the store, hunt down the medicine and find that of course it was 6.60. I went into my van to dig for any loose change cause my son really needed some medicine. I finally found it amongst the pennies and nickles I had at the bottom of my diaper bag and in the pockets of the van. I grabbed the medicine and proceded to the automatic check out counter. The one where you do it yourself so I wouldnt be so embarrased paying in mostly pennies and a 5 dollar bill. I scan the medicine in and surely enough you have to be 18 to buy it and you need to show your ID. Well of course you need an ID to buy BABY MEDICINE! What was I thinking? After all the Milicone drops I have sniffed to get high I should have known! Luckily the girl knew me and told the machine to continue. Then the machine wouldnt take my 5 because it was too wrinkled... So there was a cancel button and I pressed that.. It didnt work. The rest of the line was looking at me crazy cause I pressed almost every button there was and the machine stopped working. By that time im going crazy. The girl fixed the machine, it took my bill and my pennies and let me leave. I practically run to the van just wanting to get the heck out of there. and then my car alarm starts going off!! I had my husbands keys and he doesnt have a thing with the button to stop it and I had no idea what to do. So im sitting in my car pressing and pulling anything I can find to make the abnoxious noise stop and the car next to me waved me over to them. The man in the car was a mechanic and walked me through the process of how to make it stop. Finally I made it home an HOUR later (yes this place is just down the street). I dropped off the medicine and then went back to work.

So yes.. I am losing my mind!

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Rich, The Famous and The Truly GHETTO.

Upon entering our master bedroom you will see a wall with 14 photos in a framed web. The story starts years ago as I was walking in some sort of home decor store (probably a bed bath and beyond of some sort). I saw an interesting photo frame. I thought it entirely too cool how each frame is conected to form an intercate web. Looking at the price tag I decided that it would probably be even cooler to not waste that much money. So from that day forward I dreamt and searched for a marked down frame of the sort. With little luck I chose to make my own from regular picture frames. However with 14 photos and each frame costing the cheapest $3 I assumed there must be a more ghetto way. And about 3 weeks ago I found my answer while finishing up a giant elmo potrait I painted in my sons room. Of course we all know the lovable elmo's colors being, red fur, orange nose and BLACK outline. I already decided that I would use these colors to create Clifford and Bob the tomato in his play room ( i wasnt wasting that 88 cents for nothing). But I thought of something even more brilliant to do with the leftover black paint. I placed the pictures in a scattered mannar on our wall. I proceded to take the black paint and paint all of my frames myself.

The ghetto price (making my own web using $3 frames)- $42.
The truly ghetto (making my own web using already purchased paint)- priceless.

Another helpful ghetto tip my husband and I picked up after being married. If you can't afford all of the necessary birth control materials. Go to the condom websites and request free samples under different names.

The lines arent completly straight cause I just did them freehand for right now. It will look perfect once I use an edge. And I will have time for that probably once my son goes away to college.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wait! Youre not my husband!

Now normally on our anniversaries my husband and I can be caught fighting and screaming at each other for lack of memory. However, this anniversary was different. I decided to take my husband out to the movies. Now it seemed as if I were pampering my lovely husband yet my intentions were not so innocent. We attended "Becoming Jane" an amazing biography of the famous and well versed Jane Austen. The movie ended and so came the after movie rituals (ie bathroom break). So I go to the bathroom first because one person has to guard the left over popcorn. When I relieve my husband I wait anxiously in the empty theater seeing as it was nearing 1030. I see a person start to leave the mens room and I assume it is my husband because the theater was empty. I extend my hand and start my way towards the person not noticing till I got there that the person was not who i thought he was. The man starts laughing when I look at him finally and shout out "Wait! Youre not my husband!

Yes, I am a natural BRUNETTE!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"When did we become so daring!??"

My husband says this to me while our van is on empty yet we drive 2 towns over to save 6 cents. How did I get from being so carefree to being "daring" for trying to save pennies? Seeing how the boys in my class act it makes me nervous about how many phone calls I am going to get from my son's teachers about his behavior. I often am puzzled by the boys seeing their new inventions day after day. Ben today, decided it would be fun to flip all the furniture upside down. Why he did this I had no idea. He just started flipping and when everything was flipped he moved on to do something else. My husband has this tendancy of teaching my son trouble making acts (whether it be intentional or unintentional). For instance, my 9 month old can spit. Not like some drool hanging down from his chin but like puddles of saliva on the floor. So the other mothers are bragging that their children can talk and walk and I get to brag about my sons over active saliva glands.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I dont want to grow up, cause baby, if I did, I wouldnt be a Toys R us kid!

"There will be a day in everyones life where you are going to have to do something that you do not want to do."

I assumed I hit all of those spots already in life. Finishing my senior year pregnant, sharing legal custidoy with someone I am not all that fond of, living out of a suitcase when my family kicked me out. I thought I already had my share of doing what I don't want to. Little did I know that being an adult, a wife, a mother, a daughter and a student had more hard times than I had necessarily signed up for.

I just wrote a paper on the factors of reasoning. However, I did not realize that my essay would speak so loudly and influence all of the reasoning that would take place for the rest of my life. I didnt realize till today that people depend on my decisions. When someone passes away they have a headstone which is engraved with an epitaph including who they left behind. Whether they knew it or not their life choices affected the surrounding people. The more people that are in your life the more people who are affected. I dont just make decisions for myself but i make decisions for my son's future, my husband's future and then myself.

Living an unselfish life is a lot harder than it looks. Looking past my desires and my wants so that in the end my sons life and those lives surrounding mine will be bettered is not an easy thing. As hard as I want to cry and live in the past I must move onward towards the future. I dont know if I can do it but for the sake of those around me I will give up what I want so badly and do what I do not want to do.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The mom hair cut

After hundreds of strand casualties, due to my son, I decided it would be best if I cut my hair. I debated back and forth about having the mom hair cut for about a year now. My husband and I love being cliche and its what i always wanted for my future. Yes we often match all of our outfits and make sure to go everywhere in our mini van so now it was my hairs turn to be converted. 7 inches of thick dark hair was cut and thrown to the floor. If I knew I would lose that much I would have tried to glue it to my sons head cause he is quite in need of some sort of toupe. So i guess from here on it will be ackward lengths till it gets back to its orignal beauty.

We bought a cage for our son today. Let's be real a "play yard" is just a nicer way of saying cage. Then for the better parents they have the extension pannels to make it a bit more roomy. He probably wont be in it too much but I figure when we are too tired to watch him like a hawk I can refrain from waking up to "CRASH!" in the morning. So we will see how that works.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Im stuck on band aid brand cause germs dont stick on me

Waking up hearing "CRASH!!!" and the sound of glass shattering followed by your sons cry is never a good thing. He was on the floor and decided to use his new skill of crawling to examine a glass cup (he has also used this new skill to discover just how much baby powder he can pour on the floor and how much dirt he can fit in his mouth). So he took the glass cup and threw it on the hardwood and cut his finger. He was more shocked than hurt. His first non-shot band-aid seemed to be flavored because he kept sucking on it and biting it till it fell off. Between him and my husband I suspect that this is the first band aid of many to come.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Can you say "poligamy"?

Sarah looked at my wedding ring and asked, "why don't you have more"? I wanted to tell her that I just wasn't into poligamy but I knew it would result in blank stares. After that Luc came into the room asking for more toilet paper. We journeyed to the bathroom to find an overflowing toilet with about a rolls worth of toilet paper stuffed up. Working all day with kid's and not wanting to kill myself when I get home makes me think that we can handle having the 5 kids that we want. Today though I did have a bad day at work. Im not sure if the moons are aligned or if the cloudy day had any influence on the kids behavior but lets just say it felt like I had a class full of very short warewolves. But I guess everything in life is relative for instance; the kids were enjoyable relative to the frogs, locusts, hail, gnats and the river of blood that God sent to the Egyptians back in the Moses days.