Thursday, September 6, 2007

Can you say "poligamy"?

Sarah looked at my wedding ring and asked, "why don't you have more"? I wanted to tell her that I just wasn't into poligamy but I knew it would result in blank stares. After that Luc came into the room asking for more toilet paper. We journeyed to the bathroom to find an overflowing toilet with about a rolls worth of toilet paper stuffed up. Working all day with kid's and not wanting to kill myself when I get home makes me think that we can handle having the 5 kids that we want. Today though I did have a bad day at work. Im not sure if the moons are aligned or if the cloudy day had any influence on the kids behavior but lets just say it felt like I had a class full of very short warewolves. But I guess everything in life is relative for instance; the kids were enjoyable relative to the frogs, locusts, hail, gnats and the river of blood that God sent to the Egyptians back in the Moses days.

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