Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Safety gates keep me fit

I dont really have a story for this title but its true. But here is the subtitle for the story that I will share:

Boy, are we Friendly

Well the other day I decided I wanted to go out and have a nice family dinner where we dont have to shovel dropped food off the floor but they have people they pay to do it. So we thought Friendly's would be a good choice. Its nice, its cheap, and they dont kick you out if you have annoying kids. Or well in my case annoying husbands. Now its not that he is annoying or anything. He just has the tendancies to not always think things through. So, we sat down at our table and the host hands my son a box of crayons and a coloring book. He obviously cant do much with crayons yet besides bang them on the table like drumsticks throughout our entire dinner. Well my son started to get a bit antsy so my husband decided to show him a trick. He took the crayon case and blew through it releasing the most dreadful noise you will ever hear. Yes people were staring at us because the sound of dying geese was being projected from our table. Now to see this new invention and to know that you too can make this abnoxious noise is truly a little boys dream.Or at least it was to the boys that were sitting at the table across from us. So yes my husband got these people making the most annoying noise you well ever hear at the highest pitch ever throughout the whole restaurant. and yea we got dirty looks.

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millcreek said...

Sometimes a meal out isn't worth all of the work that it requires.

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