Monday, September 17, 2007

The Rich, The Famous and The Truly GHETTO.

Upon entering our master bedroom you will see a wall with 14 photos in a framed web. The story starts years ago as I was walking in some sort of home decor store (probably a bed bath and beyond of some sort). I saw an interesting photo frame. I thought it entirely too cool how each frame is conected to form an intercate web. Looking at the price tag I decided that it would probably be even cooler to not waste that much money. So from that day forward I dreamt and searched for a marked down frame of the sort. With little luck I chose to make my own from regular picture frames. However with 14 photos and each frame costing the cheapest $3 I assumed there must be a more ghetto way. And about 3 weeks ago I found my answer while finishing up a giant elmo potrait I painted in my sons room. Of course we all know the lovable elmo's colors being, red fur, orange nose and BLACK outline. I already decided that I would use these colors to create Clifford and Bob the tomato in his play room ( i wasnt wasting that 88 cents for nothing). But I thought of something even more brilliant to do with the leftover black paint. I placed the pictures in a scattered mannar on our wall. I proceded to take the black paint and paint all of my frames myself.

The ghetto price (making my own web using $3 frames)- $42.
The truly ghetto (making my own web using already purchased paint)- priceless.

Another helpful ghetto tip my husband and I picked up after being married. If you can't afford all of the necessary birth control materials. Go to the condom websites and request free samples under different names.

The lines arent completly straight cause I just did them freehand for right now. It will look perfect once I use an edge. And I will have time for that probably once my son goes away to college.

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