Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do you know what youre eating?!!!

Well this past weekend we had to go to NJ for a funeral. The van was packed to its limit with people and all of their stuff and we headed out on our journey down south. Now riding with 7 people, 2 of which are little kids, it seems to add an additional hour or two to your driving time. I assumed that it would be the kids who needed the break. Oh how I overlooked the menapausel aunts I brought with me too. "I have to go to the bathroom!" was shouted across the van. Was it the 5 year old? Nope? It was the 50 year old! So the ride there was quite the excitement. They all claimed I was going the wrong way out of NY. So I listened and turned around. However we turned around on a different highway that didnt lead us to an on ramp to the highway that we wanted and it was just chaos. Sure enough by the time we turn around and get back to where we "messed up" it took about 30 minutes. So we get to the junction where I supposidly made the wrong turn to find out that of course I was going the right way all along.

Once we got there it was basic funeral stuff and introducing my son. He made a great first impression by laughing and blowing rasberries during the service. All I could say was "yep.. thats my boy."

On the way home we saw a sign for this International Buffet. Sounds great huh? So I am begged to turn off the road and find this place. Do they remember the name? NO. Do we have any idea where it is? NO. Eventually we found it and went inside. After looking around the restaurant we find out that we are pretty much the only white people there. Oh well, it was only 10 bucks each and we were hungry.

We find a table and get us all seated. We ask for a high chair and when they brought it the seat belt was broken. Now for normal poliet children this would be fine. But for my son who always wants to stand and flip over things its not all that fun. He also has this habbit of making himself comfortable. He will slouch there with his legs spread and his feet propped up eating. Where he got this from, I have no idea. Actually I do, MY HUSBAND.

Anyway, we get our food and return to the table to find the 5 year old shout out "TIM! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE EATING???" Everyone bursts out laughing cause you just dont say that kind of stuff in a mostly chinese environment. You know all the rumors of serving cat and dog. So between her shouting out all these cultural inappropriate stuff without being aware of the offence that could take place and my husband who was playing with a squid it was quite the journey.

Eventually we got home and returned to our "normal" life.

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