Monday, October 29, 2007

You dont have to be perfect to be a parent

Well about once a week we try and take the family out to the playhouse to you know get out of the house and play with some different toys. I personally love going. I mean you go there play with all of their toys and then you dont have to clean up after yourself! Its great, especially seeing as my son loves to take things that are clean and put away and throw them on the floor. Anyway, so we sat down at the craft table and my husband and I started to color masks while the baby played with playdough (he loves that stuff!). So we are sitting and coloring and having a good time. We finish and its not till later that we notice that BOTH of us colored the masks upside down! We thought it was just cool shapes but once you flip it over you can see that the one I colored was supposed to be a ghost and the one my husband colored was supposed to be a bat! We had NO IDEA! lol.

Title: Always keep your diaper bag packed:

I take my son with me to work most of the time. Well last night we went and recently because I have been so stressed out I have been losing my mind and forget everything and going crazy. So I got all of our stuff ready and in a pile. I get the baby in the car and continue on with work. I feed him dinner and am getting my diaper bag so I can change him into his pjs. It was then that I noticed I forgot them at home in the pile that I made to take with us that was left on the couch. I think to myself "oh well he is just a little messy, we can last another hour without needing to change his outfit". OH was I WRONG! Meegan was sitting at the table eating her dinner when all of a sudden I see my son standing right next to her. I think in that split second "aww look at him being nice to the little girl". It took that split second for my son to grab her cup of milk and pour it ALL OVER HIMSELF! He just looked at the mess and kept pouring and smiling. We left a couple minutes later and brought my soggy boy home to put on his PJs that were left on the couch..

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