Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"When did we become so daring!??"

My husband says this to me while our van is on empty yet we drive 2 towns over to save 6 cents. How did I get from being so carefree to being "daring" for trying to save pennies? Seeing how the boys in my class act it makes me nervous about how many phone calls I am going to get from my son's teachers about his behavior. I often am puzzled by the boys seeing their new inventions day after day. Ben today, decided it would be fun to flip all the furniture upside down. Why he did this I had no idea. He just started flipping and when everything was flipped he moved on to do something else. My husband has this tendancy of teaching my son trouble making acts (whether it be intentional or unintentional). For instance, my 9 month old can spit. Not like some drool hanging down from his chin but like puddles of saliva on the floor. So the other mothers are bragging that their children can talk and walk and I get to brag about my sons over active saliva glands.

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