Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Running a marathon...with a van

So here is a story about our hike through the woods. Each day I try to make sure that my son gets a chance to get outside and do a fun activity. Whether its to go look at the baseball field or go play on the swings at the park I try to keep him active. Well the other day we decided to take a hike through the woods. Now the place where we go is around a castle so sometimes they have big events inside the castle. Normally if the castle is closed there will be a sign. We get there and there are TONS of people. But also it was about 80 degrees out in the middle of October which is so not the normal weather. We start driving up to the castle to park till we saw 4 schools of kids running towards us.. yep. we were driving into a highschool cross country meet going the opposite direction in our giant mini van. So needless to say we definatly got some evil glances. We stayed as long as possible to wait till it was over before making our way back down. We skipped rocks, we played with leaves, we sat on top of a clear path and crawled (well my son did, my husband and I were tired from the hike). So it was time to leave to get home for his nap and we hadnt seen people for a good 20 minutes. But of course as soon as we pull out they come around the courner, racing down the hill. We didnt want to be rude and pass them so we just drove behind them going about 5mph. I ducked in my seat most of the time because I was so completely embarrassed. But my husband didnt care because "there was no sign!". We eventually got out of there and were so relieved to be on our way home. But, thats our story of how we ran a marathon with our van. Sometimes I think these things only happen to my family.

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