Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting down and dirty??

Well my son is getting bigger and bigger everyday. And with this growth comes all his new knowledge of the world around him and how things work. So it wouldn't come as a surprise that he has learned a few new tricks. FOR EXAMPLE! The other day I was getting him ready for a very stinky diaper change. I took off his pants and laid him down on the floor while I was getting together my bomb squad supplies to take care of the explosion. Now i'm not sure if I am just crazy but I swear to you that he has the most mischievous smile that just shows that he is getting into something that he isn't supposed to be. I am keeping about one eye on him while he is taking the sides of his diaper and un-sticking them and then sticking em back on. He does this for a little bit till I leave the room to get wipes. Sure enough from the time I go into the next room and back he took his diaper off and was exploring the explosion in his diaper. Its situations like these that leads the first-aid kits to supply latex gloves, that way you can manage to plop em in the tub without being covered in "mud pie".