Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wait! Youre not my husband!

Now normally on our anniversaries my husband and I can be caught fighting and screaming at each other for lack of memory. However, this anniversary was different. I decided to take my husband out to the movies. Now it seemed as if I were pampering my lovely husband yet my intentions were not so innocent. We attended "Becoming Jane" an amazing biography of the famous and well versed Jane Austen. The movie ended and so came the after movie rituals (ie bathroom break). So I go to the bathroom first because one person has to guard the left over popcorn. When I relieve my husband I wait anxiously in the empty theater seeing as it was nearing 1030. I see a person start to leave the mens room and I assume it is my husband because the theater was empty. I extend my hand and start my way towards the person not noticing till I got there that the person was not who i thought he was. The man starts laughing when I look at him finally and shout out "Wait! Youre not my husband!

Yes, I am a natural BRUNETTE!

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