Sunday, September 9, 2007

The mom hair cut

After hundreds of strand casualties, due to my son, I decided it would be best if I cut my hair. I debated back and forth about having the mom hair cut for about a year now. My husband and I love being cliche and its what i always wanted for my future. Yes we often match all of our outfits and make sure to go everywhere in our mini van so now it was my hairs turn to be converted. 7 inches of thick dark hair was cut and thrown to the floor. If I knew I would lose that much I would have tried to glue it to my sons head cause he is quite in need of some sort of toupe. So i guess from here on it will be ackward lengths till it gets back to its orignal beauty.

We bought a cage for our son today. Let's be real a "play yard" is just a nicer way of saying cage. Then for the better parents they have the extension pannels to make it a bit more roomy. He probably wont be in it too much but I figure when we are too tired to watch him like a hawk I can refrain from waking up to "CRASH!" in the morning. So we will see how that works.

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