Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well look at the time..

Well lets do a little recap as its been almost a year since I have posted..

I no longer work at the day care. My son got a "this isnt working out" speech because of his countless hours of gracing us with his (loud) presence while in the midst of screaming uncontrollably. I mean I know im a babe magnet but it was getting ridiculous.

After having had the great joy of living with my family for the first year of marriage we got together enough money to move out. It was tons of fun having to go up 5 stories opening several doors and having my adorable son running around like a lunatic getting used to the place. With just my husband and I doing the moving.

We got a cat who has a weird fetish with feet. However she seems to always stop biting my husbands toes after the first lick. I pretend not to know why but generously encourage him to take a shower.

Ive been to court more times than I care to ever go. Ive been taught by talking cucumbers and tomatoes and have learned the most through a 3 foot tall boy who laughs when he farts.

Ive been a wife, a mom, a labor coach, a maid of honor, a designated caregiver incase of death, and a role model (not sure how good that last ones working).

I've also been stern, broken hearted, disappointed, and a failure.

But through it all I found out that I am me.