Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How mom's get high

I don't even know why I bother..

Being a mom means tending to your child's every need, their every desire. You go from being an individual free spirited person, to a maid. So this leaves you with little to no time for showers let alone pampering yourself. I tried to do it today and here is how it went:

Painting My Toe Nails

Well I put the baby down for his nap and got organized for a time to give my toe nails the french tip that they were so used to before I became a mom. So I go downstairs to grab the nail polish remover to get rid of the old cracking nasty stuff that also has a bit of finishing stains to match after refinishing a door. Then I realized that I hadnt eaten a single thing all day. I fixed a small meal and then gave my husband some gas money. So now I had time to myself. I start doing my finger nails and halfway through I realized that they will get ruined in no time and start chipping and sure enough my son will eat the decaying nail bits. So I was on my way to get a cloth to wipe off the nail polish and then i realized I had TONS of laundry to get done. I put a load in and then find a cloth and start to take the nail polish off of my fingers and then my toes. I find that my toe nails dont get ruined as fast because I dont have to open toys with them or get crusted food off the table or attempt to get oatmeal glue off my sons face. So I started to do my toe nails. While the first coat was drying I ran downstairs because the other washer was empty too so I could have 2 loads going at once! Now that is a mothers dream. But sure enough when I got upstairs I noticed that the paint smudged from running up and down the stairs with a basket of laundry. So I used the nail polish remover again, vowing to be more careful. I get them done and then I realize that I found my phone cord that i havent had a second to even look for. So I finally find this cord so that my phone can charge because it has been dead for a good week. Then I cant find my diaper bag that has my phone in it. Sure enough it is with my husband in the car at his work. Once I got off the house phone from calling my husband to check to see if my cell was with him I looked down and of course my toe nails were ruined yet again. So I took out the nail polish remover for the 3rd time and I am now just leaving them bare because I am getting dizzy from the nail polish remover and my son is waking up from his nap...

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