Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the entertainer

Now my son is very cautious. If there is something he isnt quite sure of he steps back and just waits till he understands it or feels that it is safe. Well recently he has gotten into this habit of throwing things down the stairs and then laughing hysterically. He would go room to room and grab whatever he could carry (he would even hold things in his mouth to get a bigger stash) and then launch it down the stairs. Running up and down the stairs carrying a load of balls and shoes and clothes and toys got old pretty fast. So if he wanted to continue being a comedian he was on his own. Now my husband and I are working on "flipping" a house a bit of a ways away. Each time we go we have to pack EVERYTHING. We had gone about everyday after my husband was off work. This place had stairs and lots of them. So I decided it was time to sit him down and show him how to climb down the stairs. After one lesson he took off. He would be at the top of the steps, throw his binkie down, laugh hysterically, climb down the steps, put the binkie back into his mouth so he could climb to the top and do it all over again. Seriously, an hour of my day was spent watching him laugh hysterically at himself. If he gets anymore like me and my husband the poor kid will have no friends.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How mom's get high

I don't even know why I bother..

Being a mom means tending to your child's every need, their every desire. You go from being an individual free spirited person, to a maid. So this leaves you with little to no time for showers let alone pampering yourself. I tried to do it today and here is how it went:

Painting My Toe Nails

Well I put the baby down for his nap and got organized for a time to give my toe nails the french tip that they were so used to before I became a mom. So I go downstairs to grab the nail polish remover to get rid of the old cracking nasty stuff that also has a bit of finishing stains to match after refinishing a door. Then I realized that I hadnt eaten a single thing all day. I fixed a small meal and then gave my husband some gas money. So now I had time to myself. I start doing my finger nails and halfway through I realized that they will get ruined in no time and start chipping and sure enough my son will eat the decaying nail bits. So I was on my way to get a cloth to wipe off the nail polish and then i realized I had TONS of laundry to get done. I put a load in and then find a cloth and start to take the nail polish off of my fingers and then my toes. I find that my toe nails dont get ruined as fast because I dont have to open toys with them or get crusted food off the table or attempt to get oatmeal glue off my sons face. So I started to do my toe nails. While the first coat was drying I ran downstairs because the other washer was empty too so I could have 2 loads going at once! Now that is a mothers dream. But sure enough when I got upstairs I noticed that the paint smudged from running up and down the stairs with a basket of laundry. So I used the nail polish remover again, vowing to be more careful. I get them done and then I realize that I found my phone cord that i havent had a second to even look for. So I finally find this cord so that my phone can charge because it has been dead for a good week. Then I cant find my diaper bag that has my phone in it. Sure enough it is with my husband in the car at his work. Once I got off the house phone from calling my husband to check to see if my cell was with him I looked down and of course my toe nails were ruined yet again. So I took out the nail polish remover for the 3rd time and I am now just leaving them bare because I am getting dizzy from the nail polish remover and my son is waking up from his nap...