Friday, November 30, 2007

Man, I feel like a Woman

The first time I felt like I was a grown woman would have to be the first time I managed to put a bra on while driving and being modest. My husband always seems amazed at how girls can get completely changed in front of you and yet you never can manage to sneak a peak. But to girls its common practice.

The first time I felt like a mother was when I learned to drive with two hands on the wheel and both feet on the ground.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So suite

A friend of ours gave us an AMAZING Weekend getaway this past sat-sunday. A whole 24 hours of NOTHING to do. She made it perfect. Candle light, Roses, Chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes. She also printed out a piece from our vows. It was the most perfect night ever! Id have to say it was better than our honeymoon. We just sat around in the hot tub. We liked it so much that we tried to go out and have a romantic dinner but once we go there we missed our hotel room and wanted to go back. I really needed that break because lets face it I am losing my mind. I think it is somewhere among a few sets of keys, my cell phone, my wallet, my diaper bag, the remote and a LOT of other things that I seem to constantly misplace now. So now I feel so much better and realize that in order to keep this new sanity I am going to have to make sure I give myself breaks now and then. Speaking of breaks here is a story about a break recently:

Title: Wendy, Angela and Tim

The other night my mom volunteered to watch my son if I would run to the store for her and pick up a few things. Now if youre a parent you know as soon as you hear someone even begining the sentence "I'll watch ___" you run out the door before they change their minds. And that is just what we did. We are on our way and we see a sign for Wendy's that says "Donate $1 for adoption". Well, Im all for adoption. I had a kid, I know it doesnt feel to good to push them out, id adopt too (that is just a joke, I do really like adoption and I think its amazing idea and my husband and I even talked about adopting)! So I happen to have a dollar so my husband and I go through the drive through and the conversation happened a little like this:

the machine- Hi can I take your order
us- yea, wed like to donate to adoption
the machine- well you cant do that the fundraiser ended
us- so we cant still donate towards adoption?
the machine- no
us- so we have a dollar and want to donate it and you wont take it
the machine- no. thank you have a nice day.

So apparently the deadline for adoption donation passed and we can no longer care about children with no families thanks to wendy.