Monday, October 15, 2007

"Im teaching him how to share, so i took away his purse"

People often times say "you live with what you got" and we try hard to make what we got work to our advantage. Mostly everything we have has been given to us or from FREE piles. I think about 90% of our stuff we didnt buy. Now we arent so poor that we can make sure that our son has everything he would need and even more but in some areas we have to kind of compromise. A neighbor of ours recently moved and she left behind 4 giant boxes of toys and such that everyone could look through. Sure enough we ended up with 3 of the boxes. This would be great.. if we had a GIRL. So my son loves his princess plate and his strawberry shortcake bowl and playing with his purses. For his birthday next month my present for him is making a placemat that has pictures of every big event from his 1st year and on the back all the memorable stories and dates and along with it I got him an elmo plate set with bowls and plates and silverware. So now he doesnt have to use snow white to eat his vegies. His daddy is getting him a present too but its a secret...

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