Saturday, October 20, 2007

its been a while..

If anyone has to deal with custody issues or visitation issues and hard to deal with parents, please talk to me, cause man have I been through that and am still going through it. I knew not staying with my sons father would make things a lot harder but continuing with marrying him would not have lead to a happy ending. As a mom we really do just want what is best for our children and we all sacrifice what we want to make them happy. I do it on a daily basis and i know that all the other mothers out there do it as well. I think being a parent is God showing us with a new revelation just why He does things the way that He does. Everything that He does for us He does because He loves us. When we dont give our children candy all day everyday because we know its not good for them it is also why God doesnt give us what we want all day everyday. He wants us to be happy which is what we all desperatly want for our children. But we know that giving them what they want is not always what they need. God promises us that He will give us everything that we need and he even challenges us to test him in that. God loves us so much that He sent himself as a man (jesus) to be yelled at and tormented and beaten till death. And you know what, I love my son so much that I deal with the dislike of his father so that my son can have one more person to love him. However, there also comes a point where it is possible that what you had tried to accomplished hoping it was best for your children turns out to be potentially harming them more than helping them. What I am trying to say is that putting your feelings aside so that your child wont miss an oppertunity is what is best. But you have to sometimes take them away from situations that will potentially hurt them in the long run. Sorry if this doesnt make sense.

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