Monday, September 24, 2007

It all started with the duckies...

Well it has been about a week since my last update and thats because I have been loosing my mind.

After being a mom you often times wonder what it would be like without your little ones around. Tuesday night my boy slept over his fathers house. Now one might think that the chaos would subside and time would settle to hours feeling like hours rather than flying by as minutes. Wednesday morning was like a fantasy, sleeping in till 730 without having to wake for a crying infant. Then it happened... I woke up late 7:45 (needing to be at work at 8). Hopped in the shower. As I was taking one of the rare peekaboo-less showers it started. I fell into the shower, tripped over the flock of rubbie duckies that have migrated into our tub. Ran soap over my body and jumped out. I rushed to get clothes on cause it was nearing 7:50 and it took about 15 minutes to get to work (again, needing to be at work at 8). I could have made it on time if it werent for the phone call I received... I needed to pick up my son straight from work so that his father could go to his work. The phone call I had just received informned me that my carseat was in my moms car that was about 30 minutes away in the opposite direction.. GREAT! I jumped in the car to hear "DING" informing me that the gas light was on. EVEN BETTER!

I finally arrive at work and of course I was several minutes late. I figured that the morning could not possibly get any worse till I discover that my brother is late for his flight into NH due to a noreaster??! that they are having in florida. So I was phone tagging with my mom, my brother, my husband and delta to figure out if he could make it up north that day. Of course he missed his flight. Then came the excitement of finding a new flight.

NEXT DAY- wednesday

My brother has a flight! His flight from FL to ATL was delayed. AWESOME! He missed his flight from ATL to NH. HURRAY! and the best thing ever is that he left his cell phone in FL so there was no way to get in touch with him except through payphones. So he said he MIGHT get put on a flight to Boston so if we didnt get a call from him then he would be on that flight but if we did hear from him than he was flying into NH. Of course because it was rush hour we would have to leave right then and couldnt wait to see if there was a call from him... So we drove the hour to Boston PRAYING that he was going into Boston. It worked out that he did arrive there but of course all of his stuff was flown into NH.

The next few days was just busy


I had to stay late at work which ment I had to bring my son home and put him to bed and then go back in after he was asleep. My son has been sick leading us to many sleepless night so after I put him down I went to the store to pick up some cough medicine. Well because I am losing my mind I forgot my lisence but figured it was ok because the store was just down the street and it would only take a couple of minutes. I only had a 5 dollar bill and assumed that would be enough for some cough/congestion stuff. Well I go into the store, hunt down the medicine and find that of course it was 6.60. I went into my van to dig for any loose change cause my son really needed some medicine. I finally found it amongst the pennies and nickles I had at the bottom of my diaper bag and in the pockets of the van. I grabbed the medicine and proceded to the automatic check out counter. The one where you do it yourself so I wouldnt be so embarrased paying in mostly pennies and a 5 dollar bill. I scan the medicine in and surely enough you have to be 18 to buy it and you need to show your ID. Well of course you need an ID to buy BABY MEDICINE! What was I thinking? After all the Milicone drops I have sniffed to get high I should have known! Luckily the girl knew me and told the machine to continue. Then the machine wouldnt take my 5 because it was too wrinkled... So there was a cancel button and I pressed that.. It didnt work. The rest of the line was looking at me crazy cause I pressed almost every button there was and the machine stopped working. By that time im going crazy. The girl fixed the machine, it took my bill and my pennies and let me leave. I practically run to the van just wanting to get the heck out of there. and then my car alarm starts going off!! I had my husbands keys and he doesnt have a thing with the button to stop it and I had no idea what to do. So im sitting in my car pressing and pulling anything I can find to make the abnoxious noise stop and the car next to me waved me over to them. The man in the car was a mechanic and walked me through the process of how to make it stop. Finally I made it home an HOUR later (yes this place is just down the street). I dropped off the medicine and then went back to work.

So yes.. I am losing my mind!

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