Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Boy Has Balls

It could have been greed or selfishness but my son has got balls. He was in school today and across the room he spotted it, a striped blown up beach ball. I underestimated him going to reach and hand it to him. I did however pull back when I saw him in position You know the glint in his eyes, the look of determination on his hands and knees. Then he goes for it... Right. Left. Right. Left. Till he reached the finish line. He sat down and grabbed his beach ball trophy. That is right, my son, crawled for the first time. Seeing as I am frequently diagnosed with the proud mommy syndrome I broke into tears, marveling my amazing 9 month old. I continued the tears till I got home to tell his daddy.

I foresee my future being an annoying soccer mom crying at graduations and his first date. I appologize for the embarrassment that he is destined to be a part of.

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