Monday, September 3, 2007

When are you getting married for real?

I had to laugh out loud when 5 year old Emma asked me this question. What happened from playing dress up to changing diapers? What did I miss when going from day dreaming to sleepless days? It seems like life went by so fast and I thought like this chapter in life would be the end. Little did I realize that life is just starting. When I found out the news of my son I was on a one track mind leading towards the distruction of all social interaction and all future dreams and aspirations. Now I realize that this is the begining. It feels like those days of my life were just a preface for the story that comes next. A musical bridge leading me to the chorus. I still have social interaction (though it includes making up a silly song to whatever activity I need children to pay attention to) and my aspirations of becoming anything more than a taxi mom have vanished. So this will be my story, of how I went from playing dress up to changing diapers and then to taxi mom.

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